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Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church

Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church of Winchester, MA is a Christ-centered and inclusive community. We open wide our doors to all people who long to be a part of a vital congregation, where children and adults grow closer to God and to one another; God is worshipped in prayer, praise and action; the word of God is studied and lived; people are refreshed in spirit; the Gospel is proclaimed and disciples of Christ are made.

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First Baptist Church

We are family oriented. We are multicultural. We care for one another. Whether you're a longtime churchgoer or a first-time visitor, you'll feel right at home! Together we seek to bring wholeness to our lives, to the lives of those around us, and to our community with the transformational love of Jesus Christ. Come, experience it for yourself!

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First Church of Christ Scientist

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Winchester MA welcomes all who search for a community in which to study the healing of the Christ as a path to their spiritual progress. We greet you with love and a recognition of your own uniqueness. We are here to love our community and to bring the message of Christ’s teachings to the world. Come and join in!

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First Congregational Church

We are a Christ-centered, nurturing community, growing in faith, serving in love, welcoming all with joy. We are families and singles, kids and elders, residents of Winchester and towns further afield. Some of us have grown up in the church, and some of us are newcomers to the whole church experience. We are a progressive Christian church that grounds itself in scripture and centers itself upon Jesus Christ while offering a largely liberal interpretation of the Christian faith. We believe that Jesus taught love, hospitality, and acceptance over judgment, exclusion, and condemnation.

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Hope Christian Church

We are a non-denominational, evangelical, Bible-based church founded by Winchester residents in 1993. We come from many different backgrounds including from no religious background at all. We’re from different countries and different cultures, but one thing binds us all together: we strive to follow Jesus Christ, in whom we have placed our faith as Savior and Lord. A key part of our faith is the belief that the Bible is the word of God and holds within it God’s revelation of Himself, His nature, His purpose, His plans, His expectations for all people, and His glorious gospel.

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Islamic Center of Boston

The Islamic Center of Boston (ICB) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian religious, educational and cultural organization. Services include congregational prayers, Ramadan iftaars and taraveeh, a Sunday school, eid programs, educational lectures, and interfaith activities. The center services the Muslim community west and north of Boston although people travel to get to this center from as far away as New Hampshire and Falmouth. Center's membership includes many ethnic groups and represents Muslims from all over the world.

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Parish of the Epiphany

The Parish of the Epiphany is a welcoming Episcopal community. The warmth and fellowship found at Epiphany can serve as an inspiring touchstone in our busy lives, and a reminder that we are all stronger when our voices are lifted together in prayer. We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am for a quiet service of Rite I Holy Eucharist, or at 10:00 am for a service of Rite II Holy Eucharist with music, childcare for infants and toddlers ages 0-3, and Church School for children ages preschool through grades 5.

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Saint Eulalia Parish

St. Eulalia is one of two Roman Catholic parishes located in Winchester.

Saint Eulalia was born in Barcelona Spain near the end of the third century. The pagan Roman Governor Diocietianus-Maximianus seized her and brought her for trial. Under intensive interogation he gave her the option of denying that Jesus Christ was Lord or face death. This 13 year old girl was steadfast in her faith and accepted death to become Spain's first Christian Martyr. Her Martyrdom proved to be the spark which ignited the flame of Christianity that spread like wildfire throughout Spain.

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Temple Shir Tikvah

Shir Tikvah is a Reform Jewish congregation with about 350 family and single households. We offer religious services, religious school education, and social and social action opportunities for children, adults and families. Our focus is on providing a Jewish spiritual home, creating meaningful and joyous Jewish experiences for our members.

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