Town Common Task Force Communications Website

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findIT! Winchester is a site where organizations can post events and resources and the public and other organizations can easily find them. It is a platform for organizations to develop and promote collaborative activities. The site will include a central calendar; a directory of Winchester organizations and their resources; a links to local news feeds; and a forum for local organizations to communicate with each other.

What findIT! Winchester can help us do

  • Find out what’s going on in town from one central place.
  • See what other organizations in town are working on.
  • Use filtering tool to quickly sort through large amounts of information, by keywords, with results tailored to your needs.
  • Identify possible conflicts when you’re scheduling an event.
  • Promote and find volunteer opportunities.
  • Find venue information for your events.
  • Help people with shared interests find your organization.
  • Find tools and partners to help implement or promote a project.

About the Town Common

The Town Common is a non-partisan, community based organization whose sole mission is to be of service to Winchester in building a caring and inclusive community. Grounded in respect for all, our primary focus is to provide actual and virtual gathering spaces.