UPDATE: Feb 5, 2024.  Vote01890 will cease operations and will archive all previous work.

Vote01890: supporting local candidates in Winchester MA

Every spring Winchester (Massachusetts) holds town elections for local offices. This project is created to support local candidates running for town wide and precinct (town meeting) elected office in Winchester. Each candidate for local office has their opportunity to provide a photo, up to a few hundred words to state their position on local issues, and post a two minute video statement if they wish. Nothing is mandatory, and there is no obligation to provide any information at all.

This is a completely volunteer project and work on it will be done when time and energy is available. What it also means is, candidates are encouraged to submit their information as early as possible to avoid a logjam at the end. In particular, if you wish to record your video statement at WinCAM, contact the WinCAM office ( ) and make an appointment.

The town website lists candidates and open offices, and specifically does not post candidate profiles. The local League of Women Voters and Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations hold candidate events and debates. These are all useful and voters should find out all they can about local candidates. Vote01890 is open to all candidates for all local offices.

To support candidates for local office in Winchester, allow them to tell voters why they should be elected. 

To support voters by providing information about candidates that will make decisions that affect how the town is run, how their tax money is being spent, and to encourage civic participation overall.



Vote01890 supports all local candidates for elected office in Winchester, MA to let voters know why the candidate should receive support from voters.  The candidate's name, a brief statement, a photo, and video statement are options. A link to the candidate's campaign site or other information supporting their campaign can be added.

Voters can read, view and hear what the candidates have to say, and find how to contact them for additional questions.

Debates can be listed here as well so the voters can see and ask questions where allowed. If the debates are recorded, they will be viewable from the Vote01890 site.

Volunteer opportunities

All roles welcome: website update(s) - update website by editing a table online, help with contacting candidates (phone call?), help with recording video statements (verifying talent release forms, etc). 

Checking website for spelling and language, Spreading the news by social media and talking to your neighbors, and encouraging candidates to post their profiles. 

Something for 2024: Help set up a process to support write-in candidates (verify their candidacy through Town Hall?). Candidates who wish to serve, even if they miss a filing deadline, should have an opportunity to be seen and heard. 

Contact to help out in any way you wish!


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