Town Common Task Force

A non-partisan, community based organization dedicated to providing both actual and virtual gathering spaces in order to promote collaborative civic engagement. Its membership includes representation from non-profit organizations and  Town boards.


Grounded in respect for all, our primary focus is to provide actual and virtual gathering spaces to

  • promote respectful listening, critical thinking, and constructive conversation
  • inspire community action and engagement
  • facilitate connection, collaboration and individual and organizational initiative

We hope to strengthen Winchester as a caring and inclusive community without the alienation, social isolation and hostility which have challenged our country in recent years.


The Town Common has sponsored eight Civic Gatherings, community meetings dedicated to discussing matters of common interest to the community. The most recent of these discussed concerns of youth in the community and the development of the Winchester Master Plan. More Gatherings are planned.

In the virtual realm, the Town Common is developing a collaborative community website that connects local organizations with each other and with community members, provides reliable information about the community, and features a comprehensive calendar of community events. The site, FindIt Winchester, is designed to make it easy to find events, opportunities, and information in town.

Volunteer opportunities

The Town Common welcomes participation by organizations and residents involved in the community who would like to help promote greater civic engagement and collaboration. Our in-person gatherings require enthusiastic publicists and organizers. For the website, we especially welcome people with graphic and web design experience, and those who love organization.

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