Started in 2013, Shukulele is an amateur ukulele group that plays at the farmers market and facilities such as assisted living places. See the blog where the Shukulosophy is stated.  

Our mission is simple:  Have fun making music at every skill level. In particular, encourage the creation of music by people who have been told all their lives they are “not musical”.  All have a home here to play and sing. Your mistakes are hidden by everyone else’s mistakes: Frank Zappa said “A wrong note played timidly is wrong. A wrong note played with energy and enthusiasm is artistic expression.”


We aim to have some fun, without stress and anxiety. At any level of playing, we share how to approach a song or way of moving from chord to chord. People who have been told they are not musical are welcome, because there is music in you, and we will help you reveal yours. Music is to be enjoyed and we want to share that idea.


Every two weeks we play ukulele together and have a good time. Come join us!  Play alongs and sometimes we play at PorchFest (Winchester), the Winchester Farmers Market, and nearby senior facilities and assisted living centers. There are no formal lessons, but we share our ideas and discoveries with each other.

Volunteer opportunities

Bring a song you like. Teach it to the rest of us, and one day lead the group when we play it. Make some happiness for yourself first. If you wish, share the happiness by playing for your friends. 

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109 Skillings Road
Jenks Center is hosting our playalongs for 2024.
Winchester, MA 01890
United States

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