Civic Gathering: Winchester's Master Plan

Come and participate in the shaping of Winchester’s Master Plan

Tuesday, May 14th, 7-9 pm at Winchester High School, Rooms B118 & B119.

The Town Common Task Force (TCTF) is organizing our next civic gathering to give us an opportunity to impact Winchester’s future.

If you’re concerned about

  • Environmental issues
    • How resilient Winchester will be to climate change
    • How the Aberjona River will be protected and showcased
    • How new developments will affect our watershed
    • How any other aspects of modern living will affect our environment
  • Cultural planning
    • Does Winchester have adequate cultural facilities now, and for the future?
    • How can Winchester better support the arts community and bring arts more into the life of the town?
  • Transportation, Housing, Land Use, Economic Development
    • Reducing traffic congestion and increasing walkability
    • Strengthening our neighborhoods
    • Enhancing our town center
    • Maintaining a welcoming, affordable, meaningful community
    • Better use of open space—parks and playing fields
    • Making town government more efficient and responsive

Or if you have any other concerns or suggestions to help Winchester thrive over the next ten years—then...

Come give your input!

We only have a short period of time to voice our opinions. J.M. Goldson, the Master Plan consultants who will facilitate the event, set aside only until the beginning of June for input on envisioning the Town’s future and goals.

Please spread the word to others you know who care about the future of Winchester. Bring your passion and commitment to advocacy to our next Civic Gathering!

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