The Planning Email List

The Town Common maintains an email distribution list which is open to all groups and individuals in Winchester. The goal of the email list is to facilitate active coordination and planning among Winchester community groups. You might use it to post

  • Opportunities for other local organizations to co-sponsor events or projects
  • Requests for donations of specific goods or services
  • Invitations for local organizations to provide input that will help your organization in planning events or initiatives

However, to reduce the volume of messages, this list is not a forum or a bulletin board. Please

  • No event announcements
  • No advertisements and financial solicitations
  • No messages that are just FYI, without a clear request or planning-related question
  • No general expressions of opinion, calls to action, or political announcements supporting a particular candidate or party.

Note that we will also adhere to those rules, except that you will receive occasional administrative messages - so the list is not the place to get news about the Winchester Town Common Task Force. We will launch a separate news group soon.

The list will be moderated, and will normally be sent out as a daily digest, through Google Groups.

This email list is part of our mission to build a virtual "Town Common" where people in Winchester can gather, work together, and enjoy the many wonderful activities in town. We are now working to greatly expand our website and to host a comprehensive town calendar.

List guidelines can be found in this PDF document.